Complete Book of Revelation!

This Blog is dedicated to the work of God through men and women of God from the beginning of Genesis. Through prophets,apostles and teachers taught by the Spirit of God, we can now understand  from the King James Bible, what His complete plan is for the creation of man.
The ebook “The Complete Book of Revelation” is the full explanation of the Book of Revelation written by Pastor Orin E.Bogart, given by God to man through His Word (The Bible)and the Holy Spirit, it explains why God made man, the future of mankind, and the setup of His eternal Kingdom. 
This is just a hint of the truths that can be known of by God.I can attest to these truths also, as God has also revealed them to me and others by the Word of God through the Holy Spirit, we should never just take someones word for the truths of the Bible, we should only be taught by God!
May God open your understanding to His wonderful plan for mankind,a creation that has been tested,tried and proven over sin.
Ephesians 4:12 says"For the perfecting of the saints"Let us therefore be taught God and not man! 

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You can read the Entire Book  in Pdf online now(Go Here)
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