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The Seven Sealed Book!

revelation chapter 5
Revelation chapter 5


The Seven Sealed Book, to be opened in the Last Days.

(Revelation chapter 5:1)"And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat upon the throne, a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals."

He that sat upon the throne (the Father) has control of all power. He is the One and Only God. He holds all authority and divinity and power in His right hand.

He is the Head of the Family in heaven. The angels of heaven are under His dominion and command. The Son and Holy Spirit can do nothing without His consent and blessing.

He holds in His right hand а Book with the plan of redemption written therein: The greatest architectural plan of all time, either in heaven or earth.

The contents of this Book are built around His Son made flesh. He is the Word, the Manna sent from the Father. This Book is the most precious possession on earth, and the choice possession of the Father. It concerns His Son and the Son's Bride, and the welfare of eternity in heaven.

It is held in the safest place in heaven when It is held in His hand. On earth God commanded Moses to write in a Book and place It in the Ark of the Covenant, the most secure and safest place on earth.

Exodus 17:14Deuteronomy 31:24-26.

Exodus 17:14
“And the LORD said unto Moses,Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.”

Deuteronomy 31:24-26
24. And it came to pass, when Moses had made an end of writing the words of this law in a book, until they were finished,

25. That Moses commanded the Levites, which bare the ark of the covenant of the LORD, saying,

26. Take this book of the law, and put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, that it may be there for a witness against thee.

The kings and leaders of Israel were commanded to read and meditate from this Book that they would know how to lead God's people in righteousness.

Read Deuteronomy 17:18-20 and Joshua 1:8.....

Deuteronomy 17:18-20
18. And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites:

And it shall be with him, and he shall read therein all the days of his life: that he may learn to fear the LORD his God, to keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them:

That his heart be not lifted up above his brethren, and that he turn not aside from the commandment, to the right hand, or to the left: to the end that he may prolong his days in his kingdom, he, and his children, in the midst of Israel.

Joshua 1:8
“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

Ezra found the Book in the Ark of the Covenant after the Babylonian captivity and read to the people, and they wept before the Lord...

Read Nehemiah chapter 8 (See Scriptures Here).

The record of Israel was kept and added to the Book for four thousand years, by Moses and the major and minor prophets, until all the dispensation of the Law was recorded in thirty nine Books known as the Old Testament.

The New Testament was recorded in like manner until the full record consisting of twenty-seven Books in the New testament and thirty-nine Books in the Old were completed making a total of 66 Books.

All of these records complete the great plan of God which was fore-ordained before the world was, and recorded in the Book which was held in the right hand of the Father.

On the backside of the Book was seven seals. These seals are the subject of the next chapter.

The front side of the Book (the Book of Genesis) declares the Beginning of His plan, while the backside of the Book (the Book of Revelation) declares the Ending of His plan.

The Book of Revelation 
has been the most difficult to understand because It has been sealed with seven seals. The number seven brings us up to completeness of His plan.

The opening of the seven seals,release that which is to take place in the End days.

Daniel was shown all that was hidden in these seals, but was not permitted to write them......

Daniel 12:8-10
8. And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?

And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

The Book was to be sealed until the time of the End. The time of the End when the seals were to be broken; when many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase...

Daniel 12:4
“But thou, O 
Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. “...

In the very near future the seals will be fully 
opened, when the Great Ministry goes forth.”

Who is WORTHY to орen the Book and loose the seals thereof? No man in heaven or in earth can open that Book or look thereon, or read the contents, or loose the seals.

This a sacred Book: It is most Holy. The very contents therein bear the essence of Jesus, God's Son, slain as a Lamb. The atonement through His blood covers the entire Book. Only that blood. His blood, can bring full salvation and can make one worthy.

Only the Lion from the Tribe of Judah could prevail to open that Book and loose the seals, for it was HIS BLOOD THAT WAS shed.

The lack of understanding of the Book is enough to cause all men to weep, the opening of the Book and the loosening of the seals will be released at the time of the going forth of the End Day Ministry, by the Elect, known as the Church.

In the midst of the throne and of the four beasts (or Living Ones), and the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes.

The seven horns signify kingly power, and the seven eyes signify the seven Spirits of God. The Lamb was authorized with all power of the Father in promoting the atonement.

In Revelation chapter 5,He came and took the Book out of the right hand of Him Who sat upon the throne. Herein is shown the two personalities of Jesus. 

Number 1
: As the Son of God of heaven. 

Number 2
: As the Son of God of the earth.

The Son of God took upon Himself the flesh of man to accomplish the plan of atonement.

The blood was shed through His soul life. The life of the earthly creation. The natural life: His soul was laid down and taken up the third day.

His earthly body was translated into heaven to plead the cause of His people before God, until the days of atonement are finished.

The only Way to the Father is through the Intercessor, (Jesus). He pleads our cause and takes our prayers before the Father... 

Romans 8:34

"Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died,
 yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

It is the Son of God of heaven, that takes the Book and opens the seals, not the Son of God of the earth. The Son of God of earth is onе of the four Living Ones that fell down before the Lamb.

The Son of God was with the Father in the Beginning... 
John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”...

He planned the earthly life
 with the Father. He agreed to become the Son of flesh and die, that redemption might be effective.

His body was earthly as the body of Adam was earthly. And He also was made subject to sin. He was flesh and blood taken from an Israelite maiden in the same manner as all fleshly babies come into the world...

John 1:14. 
"And the Word was made flesh,and dwelt among us."

His soul life came directly from heaven. It was delivered by the Holy Spirit and implanted in the womb of Mary. The babe was born and grew into manhood as God's Only Begotten Son on earth.

He was a part of God's redemption. He died in the flesh, and was buried in the tomb and resurrected, and redeemed from the world of sinful flesh.

He was given the name of Jesus, identifying Himself as the earthly Son. The name of the Spiritual Son of the Father in heaven is the WORD...

John 5:7 
"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:"

John 1:14 
"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among
 us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth."

God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to plant the soul that It might produce the earthly Son.

Adam received his soul life from the Father...
Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." 

Jesus received his soul life from the Father as His fleshly Son, when the soul was delivered by the Holy Spirit, John 1:14.
(look above).

This may be difficult to understand unless we understand that the soul Spirit is not only the intellect of man but is the very life and being of man directly from the Spirit of God, and that both God and His Son are Spirit and Soul life.

It was the LORD GOD HIMSELF, Who breathed His Own Soul in Adam. And it was the Father, Whose Soul-Life was planted, in order to bring Jesus into the world, and it was that Soul that was poured out from the body of Jesus in the redemptive plan of God....

Isaiah 53:10-12
10. Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, He shall see his seed, He shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.

He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for He shall bear their iniquities.

Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."

The Father in Revelation chapter 5 sat upon the throne, and HIS SPIRITUAL SON, the REAL LAMB OF GOD, THE WORD. OPENED THE BOOK, He whose soul life was given to become the Son of God in the FLESH is called JESUS.

The WORD, God's heavenly Son, was made flesh by sowing the seed of the Soul into a fleshly maiden. It was He Who was slain from the foundation of the world...

Revelation 13:8
“And all that dwell upon the earth
 shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." 

“He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and is the Only One Who can open the Book, and loose the seals."

Revelation Chapter 5:When the Book was taken by the Lamb, the four Living Ones and the Elders bowed down in prayer and sung a new song of redemption, which only the redeemed can sing, because the Lamb had redeemed them by His blood.

Then all the angelic realms of heaven,understood the plan of the earthly redemption, and gave glory unto the Lamb: and the four Living Ones said, "Amen, “And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped Him.”

When Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan, He received the Spirit of the Father and became the Son of God on earth...

Matthew 3:17
 "And lo a voice from heaven,
 saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." ....

He put Himself on the level of sinful men and became obedient unto death; Death in the flesh when His soul life departed from the body.

First we are given the Soul Life to bring forth the natural man, and then we are given the Spirit of God to become the Sons of God.

The Son of God on earth, became a real person, developed by the SOUL of God in the flesh and the SPIRIT OF THE FATHER.

The person of the Son of God in heaven never changed. He is still the Son of the Father in heaven. From the Father of the Son of God in heaven was given to the flesh His Soul, to become the Son of God as a person on earth, so that His Soul could suffer and die for the sins of the world.

Remember, it was the SOUL that Jesus gave, and not His Spirit, Read the verses on the previous page Isaiah 53:10-12.

Thus, Jesus has two personalities. The earthly Person, Jesus, is One of the Living Ones. The heavenly Person is the REAL Lamb of God, the WORD.

This is the setting of the Millennial Age upon earth: both Persons shall be exalted until the New Heaven and Earth. Then all things will be turned back unto God the Father, and His redemptive plan is completed….

1 Corinthians 15:24-28
24. Then cometh the end,when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God,even the Father;when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him.

And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.



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